Beat the city trilogy with a total of over 10.000 participants: The Innsbruckathlon inspired 2.200 runners at the finale of the series

One record follows the next - the ultimate sightseeing tour through Innsbruck lured with 24 obstacles in front of a spectacular alpine panorama. For the first time this year, there was sliding, jumping and running over two distances.

Beat the city history was written this year: After the foodora Linzathlon and the GRAWE Grazathlon, the Innsbruckathlon now inspired 2.200 runners, including 600 kids! With a good dose of muscle power, stamina and fun, we managed to conquer the city together. Not only on the previous 10 kilometers but also on the new 5+ km distance, all participants were able to show what they are made of. The classics, such as the "Monkeyland" had to be overcome on both distances.

Challenge on two distances

It started at the Landestheater. Both distances ran to the Karwendel arches, where the previous route curved onto the Bergisel and the new 5+ km distance ran back to the Goldenes Dachl. There the longer variant led back into the shorter route. With thunderous applause from the audience, the runners were then accompanied on the last few meters to the finish at the Landestheater.

The winner of the GRAWE Grazathlon Markus Bretterklieber mastered the toughest sightseeing tour through Innsbruck the fastest with a sensational time of 44:36 minutes. his pursuer Lucas Kempe crossed the finish line after 46:36 minutes. Secured third place Felix Bleier (49:05 minutes). In the women won Ella Koebberling with a time of 54:17 minutes. Her comrades-in-arms Veronika Windisch (57:49 minutes) and Lisa Pfandl (58:24 minutes) were the next to reach the finish line.

As part of the Austrian Running Athletics Association found the Austrian Championships in Obstacle Run instead of. The 10 km obstacle course of the Innsbruckathlon was evaluated here. Veronika Windisch emerged as the winner with 57:49 min. Hannes Stummer (51:17) won the men's title.

Prominent on the go

Many prominent representatives from politics, business and sport also attended this unique sporting event, including Mayor Georg Willi as a spectator, Deputy Mayor Johannes Anzengruber competed in the Innsbruckathlon with flying colours, and the Head of the City Sports Office Romuald Niescher, Janine Flock (Olympian), double Olympic champion and triple world champion in doubles Wolfgang and Andrew Linger were also part of the party. Peter Paul Mölk (Chairman Innsbruck Tourismus) and Matthias Mölk (Managing Director Therese Mölk) were also there. Editor-in-chief of the Tiroler Kronen Zeitung, Claus Meinert, gave the go-ahead.


Adventure land at the Junior Innsbruckathlon

The young Tyroleans didn't miss out either: Round 600 children and young people between the ages of 8 and 15 competed in the Junior Innsbruckathlon, which took place the day before the main event. For two kilometers, the juniors had to climb over inflated obstacles, trudge through slatted containers or crawl through sand. Together, the kids mastered all nine obstacles with flying colours, which was also rewarded with a medal at the end.

Series records a la beat the city

Beat the city was in a state of emergency this year! After the record participation in the foodora Linzathlon with 2.500 runners, the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the GRAWE Grazathlon really continued. Almost 6.660 participants took up the challenge in Graz. The grand finale of the trilogy: Innsbruck with 2.200 running enthusiasts, including 600 kids! Great performances were brought to light by some participants who contested the entire series: Veronika Windisch was first in the women's category, Lucas Kempe was the winner in the men's category in the beat the city ranking!

2024 is already waiting

If you want to experience this unforgettable feeling next year, you can now secure an "Early Bird" ticket for the "beat the city" series 2024. These include the foodora Linzathlon (May 25), the GRAWE Grazathlon (08 June), and the Innsbruckathlon (June 29).