Overcome the first obstacle!

You can now register for the beat the city competitions 2021:

  • Happy Fit Linzathlon and Upper Austria Family Ticket Junior Linzathlon: 27./28. Aug 2021
  • Innsbruckathlon and Tyrolean Junior Innsbruckathlon: 03./04. Sep 2021
  • E-Grazathlon and Center West Junior Grazathlon: 10./11. Sep 2021

Tickets for €55

Tickets are available for 2 weeks at an unbeatable price of €55!
From November 10.11.2020th, 65, a ticket will cost €3. Anyone who wants to register for all XNUMX Athlons can do so easily via the MaxFun registration platform. Simply select an Athlon, click "Sign Up" and then choose to sign up for the beat the city series.

"If you start now, it will be easier later!"

We look forward to a great beat the city season 2021 together with YOU!