Route map 2019

As you may have already noticed, some renovation work is planned for 2019 in the Augarten in Graz! That's why we had to think of an alternative for our event arena for 2019. The start and finish area, the gastro stands and all the hustle and bustle will take place this year at the Burgring Meadow instead.

Of course, we also had to move a few obstacles. Because of the weight, we left the Murnockerl and the pavilion in the Augarten. ;) We didn't want to do a Grazathlon without Augarten either.

And because all the cool kids in summer am Loin place are on the road, we must of course also be there. There are even two obstacles waiting for you at the Lendplatz. Another new part of the route is this Bermuda Triangle, but we will position enough securities so that none are lost.

We are definitely looking forward to the new challenges! What do you think of our new route?

You can find the whole plan for download here.