Goals for 2021

We all have them, but hardly anyone talks about them.
No matter whether in the private or in the professional area, each of us needs them. Because without a goal, we lack any motivation. If you keep an eye on your goal, you can achieve great things.
That is also our goal for 2021: achieve great things and get better.
But what exactly does this “getting better” mean?
Work more efficiently, more solution-oriented, faster – always keep an eye on the “big picture”. Getting the best out of each individual and using the strengths of each employee in such a way that the whole team benefits as a unit. A team is only as strong as its weakest link.

Stop wishing, start doing
But personal goals are also in the foreground in 2021. Creating sporting routines that you stick to even during the stressful everyday work routine. True to the motto "Get out of your comfort zone!". Each of us knows the well-known “I'll start tomorrow”; but why not today? The best time to start is now! Give your couch a break - stop wishing, start doing.

We also have sporting goals: whether it's beating your colleague in a headstand, finally being able to run 10 km without a break, doing a pull-up, maintaining your sports routine, taking part in the Underwater Rugby EM or running a marathon.

New Year's resolutions
Who does not know her? The classic New Year's resolutions: Less alcohol, more sport.

We have a few key notes when it comes to sports:

  • You have to do it for yourself and not to please others.
  • It shouldn't be torture, it should be fun.
  • You are doing something good for your body.
  • Balance is key! Give yourself a rest too.
  • Everything in moderation.
  • Create your own routine and stay consistent.
  • Start now!

And as far as drinking is concerned: the dose makes the poison! 😉

Positive vibes only
What are we most looking forward to in 2021?
Finally hugging our friends again and seeing everyone laugh without a mask. Pure joy in the eyes of the participants when they reach the finish line. To be able to do sports with friends again and to revive the team spirit. The long-awaited degree and the assumption of new responsibilities within the company. We are looking forward to exciting projects, new people, nice trips (as soon as it is possible and safe again) and that hopefully "normal everyday life" will return at some point.

How do we want to implement this?
With a more mindful and positive attitude, with a lot of passion and ambition, but above all with teamwork.


Finally, a few motivating words from us to you:
"Can do everything - don't have to do anything"
“I don't search – I find”
"If I really want something, then I can do it."
"Beat your limits."
"Always stay on the ball!"
"You are your only limit."
"Anything is possible, you just have to be persistent!"

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The dates for 2021 are:

Happy Fit Linzathlon, August 28, 2021

Innsbruckathlon, September 04, 2021

E-Grazathlon, September 11, 2021