Dear Graz athletes!

We have carefully observed the current situation around COVID-19 in the last few days and weeks and have been working in the background to reschedule the date. The most important organizational measures have been taken and all permits have been obtained. With this we can inform you that we are moving the E-Grazathlon to the 05.09.2020 move. As with the E-Grazathlon, the motto here is: together we can do anything

What happens to the tickets?

Of course, all tickets already purchased remain valid for the date at the beginning of September and your registrations will be automatically transferred to the system.
If you are not able to take part on the new date, you can easily transfer your ticket to another beat the city competition of your choice until June 17th. If you do not have time for any of the dates, you can also have your entry fee refunded. In the event of a change in the competition or a chargeback, please get in touch  [email protected].

And otherwise?

Otherwise everything stays the same: awesome obstacles, cool route, motivating spectators and a chilled event arena.

Wait five more months?

5 more months to get an awesome team up and running. 5 months to choose a fancy running outfit. 5 months left to put off cardio. 5 months left to look forward to the toughest sightseeing tour.
& Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy.
& we're looking forward to it VERY on you.

See you on September 05th and until then stay healthy, at home and full of anticipation!

See you soon - your beat the city team