E-Grazathlon 2021: Graz satisfies the event hunger of thousands of people!

Sport, fun and partying in the city center of Graz: More than 3.500 participants have it
City to tremble at this extraordinary event.

At 14 p.m. sharp, Mayor Siegfried Nagl gave the starting signal for the 00th E-Grazathlon. Strength, skill, speed and endurance were required to make it to the finish line in the end. Numerous professionals, amateurs and celebrities again took up the challenge on September 8 to take part in Austria's toughest sightseeing tour - among them ÖSV star Manuel Feller and City Councilor Kurt Hohensinner.

CompanyCode managing director and organizer Andreas Mauerhofer is delighted with the successful finale of the "beat the city" series 2021: "After almost two years of an event break, it is an even better feeling for my team and me to be able to live our passion again: people with extraordinary events to inspire. We have never lost sight of our goal and have accepted the challenges of the last few months - that's what we did
we are rewarded with happy faces.”

More obstacles than ever before

Swinging, jumping or climbing: A total of 26 obstacles were placed along the ten-kilometer running route in the center of Graz. One of the most spectacular was the brand new Under Armor Bagjump obstacle, where participants had to jump 4,5 meters onto an oversized jumpbag. This obstacle was specially designed for the new series partnership between "beat the city" and the US sports brand
Designed by Under Armor. But also obstacles such as the "KNAPP Power Bridge", the "Holding Graz Slide" and "Deisl Hot & Cold" inspired participants and audience alike.

They made it onto the podium

With an incredible time of 48:49 minutes, Markus Bretterklieber was the first to conquer the city. Maria Hochegger was the fastest woman to complete the action-packed obstacle run: she crossed the finish line in 58:54 minutes. The toughest under the sun contested the ULTRA rating: They completed the E Grazathlon three times. A total of two men mastered this athletic test. Markus Sauer and Alexander Seemann crossed the finish line together after 03:59:59 hours.

Center West Junior Grazathlon

At the kids' variant of the "beat the city" series, which took place the day before - the Center West Junior Grazathlon - around 500 children and young people aged 8 to 15 demonstrated what they are made of: the juniors went through a two-kilometre obstacle course that required courage, strength and endurance. On the way to the finish, they had to overcome 10 exhausting hurdles: starting with one with slacks
filled containers, through a seven meter long tunnel, to a 3,5 meter high inflatable wall. The focus was on fun and teamwork.

The guests of honor of the 8th E-Grazathlon

In addition to numerous spectators along the route, many prominent representatives from politics, business and sport also enjoyed the unique sports spectacle to the fullest. Among them Mayor Siegfried Nagl, Abg. e.g. NR Univ.-Prof. dr Josef Smolle, City Councilor Kurt Hohensinner, ÖSV star Manuel Feller, million show presenter and ex-ski racer Armin Assinger, Harald Murauer (BMM Sports Managing Director and Under Armor representative
Austria), Urs Harnik-Lauris (Energie Steiermark), Richard Peer (Holding Graz), Michael Gradischnig (Steiermärkische Sparkasse) and Richard Kaufmann (Spar).

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